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Hiroki Kotani / MIP for 1st Half of Season 2022


FiNANCiEアプリで2022年8月3日〜24日に実施したwoof curry presents 前半戦MIPトークン投票企画で6,072トークン(票)を獲得した小谷光毅選手のNFTです。

NFT of Hiroki Kotani, who received 6,072 tokens (votes) in the 1st half of the season MIP token voting project presented by woof curry conducted on the FiNANCiE app between August 3 & 24, 2022. Limited to 3 editions - 1 to be held by Kotani, and 1 available for sale.

【NFT利用時の注意事項 / Disclaimer 】


Please note the following precaution when using this NFT.
-The subject of this NFT is graphics data.
-The holder of this NFT is considered the owner. However, it does not constitute the transfer of the copyright, image right or any other intellectual property rights.
-When the owner of this NFT sells or transfers the NFT to a third party, the third party is considered the new owner of the NFT. Please note an NFT cannot be have multiple owners simultaneously.
-Regarding the use of graphic data for display or publication purposes, Kamakura International FC reserves the right to stop the display of the NFT, should the use be intended for advertising, or offensive to public order and morals, or be in violation of laws and regulations, or as part of obscene expression, or other purposes deemed inappropriate but not limited to the above. The use of any information provided through this NFT beyond the scope permitted by law is strictly prohibited. In using the graphic data, please be careful not to damage the honour, trust, or image of the author.
-In the event that the NFT owner, e.g., the purchaser, or the person who received the resale from the purchaser, or any other third party suffers loss or damage in connection with the purchase, sale, display, or posting of this NFT, they agrees to indemnify the creator and Kamakura International FC for, and to hold them harmless from and against any claims, liabilities, losses and damages.
In addition, since this NFT represents graphic data, therefore it does not qualify or is not intended to be an offering of securities in any jurisdiction nor does it constitute an offer or an invitation to purchase shares, securities or other financial product. The NFT has not been registered with or approved by any regulator in any jurisdiction. It remains in the holder of the NFT’s responsibility to assure that the purchase of, and the associated art is in compliance with local laws and regulations in your jurisdiction.

Evolving Marble
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2022 1H MIP voting on FiNANCiE
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