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鎌倉に住むフォトグラファーの佐藤均さんとのコラボNFT。撮影日 2022年6月20日。限定1枚のみ発行。

Ankokuronji Temple was founded in 1253 at the place where Nichiren Shonin built his hermitage after arriving in Kamakura from Awa Province. It was here that Nichiren Shonin wrote 'Risshou Ankoku Ron' in hopes for the safety of the country and the happiness of its people. Ankokuonji Temple is known as one of the most famous temples in Kamakura for its flowers, and its precincts are decorated with seasonal flowers and autumn leaves.

This NFT is one of the special collaborative works with local photographer Hitoshi Sato. Taken on 20/06/2022. Limited to 1 edition.

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Ankokuronji Temple
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